PERFORMANCE & POWER SKATING:  Acceleration from a stationary position, lengthening the stride, inside/outside edge control, efficient use of hands on the stick to assist skating, tight turns to allude the opposition, transition skating, cross-overs, backwards cross-unders, and a complete breakdown of the dynamics associated with skating effectively and efficiently.

PUCK HANDLING:  Hand positioning, rolling the wrist, cupping the blade, moving through skates and sticks, body positioning for puck possession, toe dragging, fakes, spins, and the art of puck control.

SHOOTING & SCORING:  Wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, backhand shooting, true foot shot, dekeing, shooting in motion, in tight lifting/roofing, and the ability to use fakes and deception while attacking.

BODY CHECKING:  Effective and safe techniques in giving and receiving checks. We teach the player to separate the puck carrier from the puck while keeping penalties at a minimum, and how to receive a check properly to avoid injuries and maintain puck possession.

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Inside The Den conducts on-ice sessions for junior, prep and minor hockey teams in the Greater Toronto area.This highly regarded program is designed to maximize individual skills and increase the confidence of all players.